Class action tentatively settled!

The parties have agreed to settle this case for a total of $19 million (including legal fees, disbursements and the costs of administering the settlement.) 

The settlement is subject to approval by the Superior Court.  The settlement approval hearing will be held on June 21, 2019 at 491 Steeles Avenue East, Milton Ontario.  
For more information, read the Notice of Settlement Approval Hearing here.

You can also read the Settlement Agreement here.


Class Action against Livingston International Inc. ordered certified

On November 17, 2016, Justice Gray of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered that the class action brought on behalf of current and former employees of Livingston International Inc. be certified as a class action.  The class action alleges that, since August 15, 2007, Livingston has failed to pay class members compensation for overtime worked.

Read the Notice of Certification.  La version française de l'avis se trouve ici.

The class action will now proceed to trial.

View a copy of the certification decision


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$85 Million Class Action Launched Against Livingston International


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